Managed Software QA

Expert Software QA Services for Quality Deliverables

  • Access to cutting edge expertise and experience
  • Top notch software quality
  • Reduces cost of Software QA ownership
  • Consistent and quick delivery

Benefits of Dot.H

Why go for managed Software QA by dot.H for your long-term transformation programs

  • Optimize your resource usage through best practices
  • Determine tcoe readiness
  • Support your business goals and management

Unmatched flexibility

Bring us in only when you need us and scale up or down as needed.

Software QA best practices

Partnership with you where our only job is to help you succeed

Commited to your product

We are committed to ensuring your product is perfect.

High standards every time

Our staff offers a combined decades of experience and professionalism.

Dot.H Offer

A Proven Approach to Managed Software QA Testing

Environment test setup

Our testing tools are guaranteed to test “real world scenarios

Digital enterprise

Goal-oriented Software QA means a high-quality product and a happier end user

Transparency and accessibility

We provide you direct access to track our work and are committed to ensuring high quality of services via SLAs.

All quality-related issues covered

We will adapt our managed Software QA services to match your needs.

Transparent efficiency measurement

Our business needs drive our work. Our highly experienced staff experts adapt KPIs to meet your news.

Access to the high-skilled talent pool

Our staff has decades of combined experience.